Nature is calling
In today's world, people aren't as adventurous or as aware as they used to be. Everyone is glued to their iPhones, laptops, tv's etc. and have forgotten about the beauty of being without technology. In this campaign, we explore some of mother nature's extraordinary beauty and bring people back to the real meanings behind words that have been taken over by technology. Individuals that spend their time outdoors get to experience the world in a different, more organic way. 
Insight: It's time to unplug and get back to nature. 
The idea here is to help encourage people to unplug and get outside by transforming a bus shelter into a campsite. On the outside panel, a mock Instagram post would get their attention and invite them into the shelter to experience one example of what nature has to offer. There could be a series of these shelters highlighting different forms of spending time outside, whether it's camping, sitting around a bonfire, or simple hanging out in hammock with a good book. After people experience this transformed shelter, we hope it pulls their inner treehugger out and leads them to stores to get equipped for more time spent outside. 
outside view - side of shelter
outside view - side of shelter
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