At the tender age of 12 I decided to pull a fast one and rip a donut on a jet ski, only to ram head-on into another jet ski. The thrill of almost being decapitated paired with the priceless look on my mother’s face is what fuels me to this day. 
My Philosophy: Go big and make it stick, in a good way. I’m passionate about my work and create with purpose. I’m chock full of ideas and can pull personalities out of anything.
When I'm not ideating, collaborating and pushing pixels, I unplug by snowboarding, biking, fly fishing or having a cold one with friends/strangers. I believe it's these moments that become a bank of thoughts and human truths that ultimately lead to the best, boldest ideas. If you feel the same way, let's do the damn thing. 
*Resumé upon request*
This is what I look like most DAYS.                                                                                                    This is what I look like most other days.
These are some doodles of mine....Mostly done in airports.
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