Certain people shop at certain stores, certain people fly certain airlines. Those who fly Alaska Airlines are 'doers'. They are looking to fill their spirit and drive for adventure and want an airline that shares their beliefs. With several destinations that encourage a thrill, Alaska Air is the go-to airline.
Insight: Alaska Airlines provides destinations specifically for doers.
Instagram is an incredible medium to show the culture and behind-the-scenes of a brand. In this campaign, I wanted to show people a day in the life of those who fly Alaska. These people are doers. Therefore, the best way to portray our many destinations is to take the spirit of Alaskan adventure to Instagram. Through the social post we will use a #destinationsfordoers to encourage travel through Alaska Air. We will take you to the mountains of Aspen, Colorado as well as the deep oceans off the coast of Hawaii while offering the lowest cost fares. So go ahead and swipe right to see our story.
Go places only coordinates can take you. 
I decided to create a microsite that allows travelers to drop a pin on a location, no matter if they're in the middle of a desert or tucked away in a rainforest, add a short story and photo, and share it in the form of a digital postcard. This way, friends and family can click on the coordinates and see where and what type of landscape their traveling friend is. 

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